Do you have a product, a tool, a technical component, and are
open to new ways of product marketing?

How about letting your product become part of a piece of furniture?

We present it in an artistic, original and also aesthetic way.
That attracts attention, catches the eye, and is fun.
Your tool suddenly appears as part of a piece of furniture on, for
example Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or in magazines and at furniture fairs.


In a second step, we could even launch a series so that the new piece of furniture
will soon be found in apartments, cafés, shops, etc. – or you can place it in foyers,
meeting rooms or offices.

Of course, all of your rights remain protected. We treat the original design of your
product with great respect. Your logo would, of course, remain clearly visible.
Before publication, we will send you the respective object in kind for the purpose
of approval.

Feel free to contact us. No matter whether it is one-off products or series, we will
find a way that is suitable and interesting for both parties.