stool / the tube chair

Sit down, please! We use a tube which is actually supposed to bring together sewage lines as
a design element for a futuristic-looking stool. Here the function follows the form as the
structure of the tube makes the stool easy to move – the tube chair lets you sit actively and
counteracts rigid sitting.

In bright orange. Nice, way-out, and practical.
The seat is a sturdy, removable wooden lid, optionally provided with a high-quality
upholstery. The stool also offers storage space.


Maximum load 90 kg

Dimensions - the tube chair 60:
Seat height 60 cm: 38 cm (W) x 35 cm (D) x 60 cm (H)

Dimensions - the tube chair 45:
Seat height 45 cm: 31.5 cm (W) x 31.5 cm (D) x 45 cm (H)